Black Mass The Movie, Client CNN

Campaign Description:

This campaign served to re-energize public interest
Digital Instincts was retained by CNN to create an immersive interactive campaign for the movie release of Warner Brother’s film Black Mass. The campaign served to re-energize public interest in Whitey Bulger’s life and provide maximum storytelling impact across all CNN's digital channels. The timing of the campaign was also critical as it served to build up renewed interest in Whitey Bulger’s life and capture potential audiences attention in the window of time that lead up to the movies release nationally. The film follows the criminal career of infamous Irish-American mobster Whitey Bulger played by Johnny Depp.

The Challenge
The campaign was developed within the constraints of an expanding ad zone and featured interactive aerial photos of Whitey’s Boston that our photographer digitally shot from a Helicopter. Theses images were geo-location mapped and were combined together with a gold mine of CNN archived photos, videos, and new journalistic content about Bulger's life, to create the powerful content marketing campaign engagement story. Clicking on a pulsing pinpoint within the aerial photos would trigger the never before seen newly shot footage together with the archival imagery that detailed the historical locations relevance to Bulger’s life, including but not limited to the housing project that he grew up in and the infamous Triple O’s Lounge.

The Strategy and the Results
Digital Instincts strategy required a detailed creative plan, to match extremely accelerated development and QA timelines that would coincide with the movies release. Digital Instincts acted as the central project lead, collaborating all campaign management components from CNN, Warner Brothers Marketing Teams, Photographer and Crew, CNN Journalists,Video Producers and brand marketers. The campaign saw measured engagements, socially shareable storytelling and renewed interest in the story in and around Whitey Bulger's Life. It was nominated and blogged about. It entertained millions of viewers, drove thousands of social shares and increased measured advanced ticket sales via the online movie ticket site Fandango.

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    Black Mass The Movie, Client CNN

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