Drive On Now Mobile App from Digital Instincts

Campaign Description:

Digital Instincts was deeply committed to promoting road safety and combating distracted driving. As part of this mission, we created the "Drive On Now" app to encourage and reward safe driving practices. Although the app is no longer active, its impact and intentions remain relevant.

The Challenge:

Distracted Driving Awareness:
Our primary challenge was to create a tool that would raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

Behavioral Change:
We aimed to inspire positive behavioral change by encouraging users to prioritize safe driving habits.

Real-Time Incentives:
The app was intended to incentivize users 24/7 to opt for distraction-free driving and silence their phones during travel.

Our Solution:

Rewarding Safe Driving:
Drive On Now incentivized users to silence their phones while driving, promoting distraction-free journeys.

Mileage Tracking:
The app accurately calculated and recorded the miles driven without distractions, earning users valuable points.

Points Redemption:
Users could redeem their earned points for rewards, including discounts on gasoline, music downloads, and more.

Social Engagement:
Drive On Now fostered social interaction by allowing users to share their achievements and challenge friends, creating a sense of friendly competition.

The Impact:

Distracted Driving Reduction:
Drive On Now would actively contribute to a reduction in distracted driving incidents, making roads safer.

Behavioral Change:
Users would be motivated to adopt and maintain safe driving behaviors through tangible rewards.

Community Engagement:
A community of responsible drivers formed, spreading the message of distraction-free driving.

Real Rewards:
Users enjoyed real rewards, sponsored by partners, in exchange for their responsible driving choices.


Though the "Drive On Now" app is not available due to funding pitfalls, its legacy persists as a testament to our commitment to road safety and innovation. By providing real rewards in exchange for distraction-free driving, our mission was to combat distracted driving and promote safer roads for everyone. Our intentions and efforts to create a positive impact remain unwavering.

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    Digital Instincts

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