Hearst & Dove Deodorant Social Media Influencer Campaign

Campaign Description:

The Challenge
Digital Instincts created a CMS driven blog to host a unique social media-based experience with Dove along with mentors from Hearst's Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Seventeen magazines. This site also featured a Sweepstakes to help Dove create buzz about their brand new line of body mists.

The Overview
Digital Instincts designed, built and hosted a custom blog that 3 young girls act as correspondents from Hearst's Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Seventeen magazines to share their fresh perspectives through writing and photos. The girls also worked with mentors from the marketing departments of these magazines. The site featured a twitter widget that aggregated the Correspondents social presences along with a fragrance quiz, sweepstakes giveaway and allowed user to post their own questions and receive live advice!

  • Client

    Hearst Publishing, Dove

  • Technology

    • Design
    • HTML5/CSS
    • Flash
    • Sweepstakes
    • Hosting
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