HMH States Site Tool

Campaign Description:

The Challenge
To create a responsive website creation tool for sales and marketing teams at HMH to be able to create and maintain U.S. state specific online hubs that features custom content about what HMH offerings are for each state.

Digital Instincts created a responsive WordPress tool that allows admins to be able to create, launch and then maintain a micro-site for each individual U.S. state. Each micro-site features easily updatable content areas for News, Social Media feeds, as well as detailed pages outlining each Program that they offer. Custom created, easy to use WordPress templates can be dynamically selected to create content pages for each subject that allows admins to list out all programs across a subject with links out to their respective external sites, link to video content, samples, correlations as well as links out to site tours.

Instructional Demos & Documentation
Digital Instincts also created a comprehensive instructional document that was distributed to all marketing teams to visual reference how each updatable area can be managed in WordPress. All with screenshare demos, this document allowed teach in HMH to quickly and efficiently manage these microsites with very little WordPress experience.

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