HMH Field Trips, powered by Google Expeditions

Campaign Description:

The Challenge Campaign Description:
The HMH Field Trips website was developed for educators and teachers to learn how to use and integrate Google Apps technology and the HMH Field Trips curriculum into classroom learning to create an immersive 3D learning environment.

The Challenge:
Renowned for its leadership in educational solutions, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) recognized the pressing need to transform traditional classroom learning methods. To redefine education for all students, HMH partnered with Google. The result was the inception of HMH® Field Trips application powered by Google® Expeditions—a virtual reality (VR) experience created from immersive 360° panorama images designed to enrich classroom learning and engagement.

The challenge was to create a comprehensive website for districts and educators to learn about the Field Trips curriculum and Google technology to further the adoption of both in classrooms nationwide.

The Solution:
As agency, we designed and coded a comprehensive website reflecting HMH's collaboration with Google Expeditions. The site was able to mimic the 360° VR experience, allowing educators to quickly understand the value of the program and see how it aligned with HMH's Science and Social Studies programs.

Furthermore, the site was a resource for educators about how to use the program in the classroom environment, guiding them on how to access Field Trips through the Google Expeditions app. The site also introduced educators to HMH's Teacher Guides, which included comprehensive Lesson Plans comprising Overviews, Objectives, Classroom Activities, and Teaching Tips for enriched teaching and classroom learning experiences.

Outcome and Purpose:
The website successfully demonstrated and conveyed the importance and benefits of experiential learning to districts and teachers. It showed how all students could experience virtual classroom-based field trips, filling unfair inequities within classroom education for lower-income students who may not have access to travel. Leveraging the Google app alongside the HMH curriculum tools ensured that all students could virtually visit locations such as the Kennedy Space Center, fostering equal learning opportunities for all students.

  • Client:

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • Technology

    • Design
    • UI/UX
    • HTML & CSS
    • 360 panorama
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