Mastery Education Magento E-Commerce Site

Our Role:

The Challenge
To work with Mastery Education and plan out a comprehensive soup-to-nuts ecommerce solution for their selection of physical and digital educational resources and products.

Digital Instincts worked with Mastery Education to create a customized e-commerce site built on the Magento Enterprise E-commerce system. We provided expert UI/UX planning, design support along with assistance in planning out the best Magento hosting and set up for their needs.

Our experienced Magento engineers developed custom html/css and Magento code to deliver the best ecommerce user experience to Mastery's customers. The site featured custom geolocation coding to allow users in specific areas to quickly locate their own state-specific educational products and browse them by subject or grade level. The site included free resources, information about about their shippable products as well as their digital offerings.

Behind the scenes on the backend CMS side, our technical support and training to Mastery's marketing and sales teams helped show them how to easily perform day-to-day tasks inside of Magento's powerful CMS on their own. This included such tasks as how to add or update product and marketing information, pricing, how to easily locate and track purchases, keep an eye on inventory, banking tasks, the shipping of their products, even how to email and connect to their customers. This soup to nuts approach allowed Mastery Education to make the most of their Magento investment to achieve the best ROI possible.

  • Client

    Mastery Education

  • Technology

    • Design Support
    • Responsive
    • Magento E-Commerce
    • UI/UX
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