Meredith & Sister Schubert Sweeps & Story Contest Microsite

Campaign Description:

DI created a microsite for Meredith Publishing to host a contest for Sister Schubert rolls. The contest called for entries of users' most memorable moments during the holiday season. The site included a gallery for users to view, comment, share and rate other user's submissions.

A custom Content Management System (CMS) was also created that allowed internal teams to easily review and approve messages and review flagged submissions, prior to their being published to the website. Custom scripts within the CMS flagged potentially threatening messages or inappropriate submissions which allowed for a quick, seamless process for the internal teams.

  • Client

    Meredith & Sister Schubert

  • Technology

    • Design
    • HTML/CSS
    • Hosting
    • UGC Contest
    • CMS Moderation
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