MI4: Global Hunt Sweepstakes

Our Role:

The Challenge
To promote the launch of MI4: Global Hunt featuring Tom Cruise, by incorporating clips from the movie into a quiz microsite to create a sticky, fun game to encourage users to enter a sweepstakes and further promote the movie. The quiz experience engaged viewers in the film's storyline by allowing them to participate in espionage-driven “missions” from around the globe. The prizes included a trip to locations based on the cities featured in the film.

The implementation required users to view a video clip from the movie that contained mission-critical clues. After watching each clip, users were tasked to answer multiple-choice questions to assess their skills. Once users completed their “mission” and answered the questions, they became virtual IMF agents and were then allowed to enter the IMF sweepstakes. 

Digital Instincts solutions included the site's ideation, branding, the quiz’s backend engineering of the sweepstakes and the entry database. Branding themes were consistent with the films promotional assets. The initial experience was staged and tested on Digital Instincts servers and then migrated to MTV's servers for program launch. 

  • Client

    MTV & Paramount

  • Technology

    • Design
    • HTML/CSS
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