Transforming Quincy: Unveiling The New Quincy Center

Campaign Description:

The Challenge:
The challenge was to design and develop a website for Street-Works Development LLC, aimed at informing Quincy, MA residents, local government, and the press about The New Quincy Center project. Digital Instincts was retained to develop a comprehensive site experience that conveyed the vision of Street-Works while evoking genuine enthusiasm for revitalizing this historic city.

The site was strategically designed and coded to communicate the economic benefits of the redevelopment that would transform the community into an inviting place for living, working, and leisure. It showcased compelling imagery, comprehensive development plans, a dedicated News blog, and FAQs, all designed with a historic and modern approach that resonated with the tone of the development project.

Project Description:
The planning of the New Quincy Center stands as a significant urban revitalization endeavor in Massachusetts, involving more than 50 acres of mixed-use development in the heart of one of America's most historic cities. The website project reflected this dynamic combination of residential, commercial, and retail elements integral to the overall architectural design.

The website of the New Quincy Center fused historical significance with modern urban architecture planning aiming to enrich site visitors' understanding of the new contemporary landscape. It sought to create a more profound account of the development for future residents and visitors—the site deliberately shared elements of the city's historical charm with a modern living experience.The partnership between Digital Instincts and Street-Works paved the way for the design of the website that communicated the vision and urban planning of The New Quincy Center. Like the project, the website displayed a seamless blend of history and modernity.

  • Client

    Street-Works Development LLC

  • Technology

    • Design
    • HTML5/CSS
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