SkinCeuticals Global SalesForce Trade Show iPad App

Case Study: Global Kiosk/Tablet Educational Application

Customer: L'Oréal's SkinCeuticals Brand

Project Overview:

Digital Instincts collaborated with L'Oreal's SkinCeuticals brand marketing and technology teams to tackle a significant challenge: extending product education and awareness to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medispa professionals worldwide at global tradeshow events. An objective of the application was to capture the contact information of medical professionals for future follow-up. Capturing registration information catalyzed effective business development follow-up initiatives. Its graphics and interface and the placement of the kiosks intentionally engaged and prompted medical professionals attending the bustling trade show events to share more specific and comprehensive information. This data was pivotal in developing a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) profile about the medical professional and was later integrated and leveraged by the customer's Salesforce application.

Our Solution:

To fulfill the project's goals, Digital Instincts developed a customized iOS tablet application that was deployed on multiple iPad tablet apps that were strategically placed on pedestal fixtures at high-traffic points within the tradeshow booth. Furthermore, the application was intentionally coded to operate without reliance on a wireless internet connection, a crucial feature given the often-unreliable connectivity at trade show events. While the app worked offline, it included a custom-coded local database that temporarily stored registrant profiles. Upon the application and tablet re-establishing an internet connection, the application's scripts were coded to seamlessly synchronize with the customer's Salesforce application and transmit the database of locally stored and registered profiles. Integrating the registrant profiles into Salesforce unlocked the capabilities of the platform, enabling internal brand sales teams to harness its streamlined automation and scheduling of follow-up communications.

Features of the Application:

• The tablet app served additional purposes, offering an elegant and intuitive interface with beautifully designed screens. These screens included engaging educational content such as videos and graphical chart animations, captivating medical professionals, doctors, researchers, and other skincare professionals. Its content delivered valuable insights into skin health, disease prevention, and product efficacy.

• The application was coded with a focus on accessibility. It incorporated ADA compliance features, ensuring that all users, including those with disabilities, could easily navigate its content. Native gestures were implemented, allowing users to explore the app's offerings at their own pace.

• Themes and language content were adapted in future application iterations to showcase contextually relevant content as the application transitioned across diverse global territories. This adaptability was exemplified by enabling users to select their preferred language, such as Mandarin or other language options. This feature was instrumental in resonating with local audiences, facilitating a more immersive and user-friendly experience.


The global impact of the application was rooted in the dissemination of vital research and scientific knowledge on skin health. By sharing this valuable information openly, the application fostered a heightened interest in skin health and product innovations available in SkinCeuticals products among medical professionals.

Client Overview:

SkinCeuticals is the world's leading U.S. Medical Aesthetic Skincare Brand, renowned for its high-potency formulas. Stemming from extensive skin cancer research, the brand has achieved groundbreaking advancements in antioxidants. Their clinical-grade skincare products, meticulously crafted with pure actives, are recognized for superior absorption into the skin. These products are trusted by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas, making them an essential part of daily homecare routines and an ideal complement to aesthetic procedures.

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