S&P Capital Responsive Holiday Card Animation

Campaign Description:

The Challenge
To work with S&P Capital to build and launch their custom responsive holiday card animation.

The client was seeking a responsive, device & browser friendly landing page with crisp, clear and scale-able vector graphics which displayed different chart types that reacted to changing data parameters while taking the user through a fun, light holiday-inspired animation. While 10 years ago this would have easily been an application for Flash, in order to comply with the myriad of today's platforms and devices, cutting-edge HTML5 coding with CSS3 animations and SVG images were used to keep that Flash-like feel. Lossless quality SVG images were used along with the html5 coding so that animation techniques such as zooming in and out were no issue. This allowed S&P Captial to reveal their holiday message to their clients.

  • Client

    S&P Capital

  • Technology

    • Design Support
    • HTML 5 animation
    • Responsive Design
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