Thermacare Heatwraps Microsite

Case Study

Transforming Pain Relief with Thermacare Heat Wraps

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Thermacare Heat Wraps Promotional Site Campaign

Fueled by our partnership with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Digital Instincts embarked on an agency challenge to amplify the awareness and effectiveness of Thermacare Heat Wraps. Our campaign took shape through an immersive promotional website, delivering information on the product's unrivaled advantages. With a visually captivating design, the campaign spotlighted the unique benefits of Thermacare Heat Wraps, combining clinically proven depictions of its claims. We fortified the product's clinical validity through dedicated educational content, unveiling clinical evidence proving that Thermacare Heat Wraps safely and effectively bolstered blood circulation to pain sites, offering instantaneous and targeted pain relief for up to 8 hours. In addition, a series of videos propelled the brand's narrative, elucidating the product's scientific foundation and demonstrating its immediate impact on skin and muscle temperature. The featured videos were strategically distributed across channels for maximum integration and brand reach.

Enhanced Awareness: The campaign significantly increased awareness about Thermacare Heat Wraps, effectively educating the audience about the product's distinctive advantages for safe, targeted, and long-term pain relief.
Engagement Across Channels:The product videos garnered substantial attention across media channels, resulting in higher engagement rates and increased interest among potential consumers.
Conversion Uplift: The inclusion of downloadable coupons led to a remarkable rise in conversions, as consumers were incentivized to take immediate action and experience the benefits of Thermacare Heat Wraps for themselves.
Established Credibility: The presentation of clinical evidence on the website bolstered the product's credibility, assuring consumers of its effectiveness in addressing pain.

Through a meticulously planned campaign, Digital Instincts Inc. successfully elevated the market presence of Thermacare Heat Wraps for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. By seamlessly integrating informative content and clinical evidence-based education, the campaign informed consumers and empowered them to make informed choices for their pain relief needs. The collaborative effort increased brand visibility, engagement, and conversion rates, driving home the message that Thermacare Heat Wraps are a revolutionary solution for effective pain management.

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