WWE Site Makeover & Mobile/Tablet Apps

Campaign Description:

Digital Instincts presented WWE with a comprehensive proposal that included a full WWE.com site makeover as well as ideas for mobile & tablet apps.

Site recommended UI improvements included the addition of mega dropdowns, Breadcrumbs, Facebook feeds alongside site articles, Video player full screen, Commenting on & sharing videos to social networks. A subscription based WWE Community, User Generated Content pages that allow site vistors to upload event videos & photos from their mobile devices. Can include voting, sharing, commenting & contest themes were some of the ideas and suggestions discussed at the time.

The WWE subscription community would we accesible via Web, tablet & mobile to drive further brand engagement across multiple channels. Subscription content would include Breaking News, Event Schedules, Videos, Second screen technology that allows a user to sync their mobile device to a televised event to access realtime content. In addition we propsed such innovative features such as Print-to-Broadcast technology that allows users to point their mobile device camera at print collateral that have been fingerprinted. (materials can include: trading cards, comics, magazines, posters, etc to trigger exclusive video).

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